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Health Stimulus Card – Know Registration, Application & Eligibility Link



The Health Stimulus Card, similar to a Visa Card, is issued to USA citizens for purchasing essential items. Also known as the EIP Stimulus Card, activation is done through the IRS. Individuals should verify their eligibility at for the Health Stimulus Card. Stimulus payments are exclusively provided through this card, so it’s essential to understand how to activate and use the Health Stimulus Card, which functions similarly to a debit card. Comprehensive details about the card and its usage are explained for your convenience.

Health Stimulus Card

Citizens of the USA have received a Stimulus Payment in the form of a tax credit, known as the Health Stimulus Card or Economic Impact Payment Card. This card arrives in a white envelope via the Money Card Holder Network Services. The envelope contains documents such as an information brochure, details about fees and activation, and a note from the issuing Authority. To use the card, activation can be done via phone or online at The Health Stimulus Card is immediately usable with no monthly fees. Note that the form of payment for the second EIP may differ from the first.

The benefits of the Health Stimulus Card include safety, convenience, and security. It can be used for purchases wherever debit cards are accepted. Replacement of the EIP Stimulus Card is fee-free, and the card balance can be checked online without additional charges. The card features the Visa name on the front and the issuing bank’s name. Instructions on using the card are included in the mailing. For more detailed updates, refer to the article below. Health Stimulus Card 

Card name Health Stimulus Card | EIP Stimulus Card
Other name Economic Impact Payment Card
Issued in USA
Issued by Treasury Department of USA
Sent by Mail
Working like Debit card
Post type Finance
Health Stimulus Card

Health Stimulus Card Benefits:

  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Ensures safety and security.
  • Allows cash withdrawals from Domestic In-Network ATMs, with funds transfer to personal loan accounts.
  • Balance checking is fee-free and can be done through the mobile app.

Health Stimulus Card Eligibility:

  • Proof of filing tax return for the previous year.
  • Applicants can be employed, unemployed, impacted by COVID, with income below the threshold.
  • Dependents included in tax e-filing.
  • Must be a USA recipient.

How to Activate Health Stimulus Cards:

  • Call 1-800-240-8100.
  • Provide name, address, and social security number for identity verification.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN for ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Call customer care if PIN is forgotten.
  • Check the balance to know the amount received.

How to Check EIP Stimulus Card Balance:

  • Visit
  • Access account information.
  • Call 1-800-240-8100 or use the Money Network App after registration.

How to Use an EIP Stimulus Card:

  • Use IN Network AllPoint Brand ATMs for cash withdrawals.
  • There may be withdrawal limits.
  • Obtain cashbacks from grocery or other merchants.
  • Request a Money Network check and cash it at designated locations.

EIP Card Fees

Check the table below to know the details on the Health Stimulus Check Fee.

Particulars  Fee 
Monthly fee $0
Per purchase fee $0
In network withdrawal Fee $0
ATM Withdrawal fee $2
International bank teller ATM Withdrawal $5
ATM Withdrawal INT Fee (Non US) $3

Health Stimulus Card Transaction Limit

Limit type  Health Stimulus Card Amount 
ATM Withdrawal $1000
POS Transaction $2500
Over the counter withdrawal $6000
Transfer to domestic bank $6000
Money network check limit $9999.99

Frequently Asked Questions on Health Stimulus Card

What is the other name for a Health Stimulus Card?

The other name for USA Health Stimulus Card is Economic Impact Payment Card.

Who is eligible for the Health Stimulus Card?

The ones who have paid their taxes are eligible for the Economic Impact Payment Card.

What are the Economic Impact Payment Card fees?

There is no fee for the USA Health Stimulus Card.

How much is the ATM Withdrawal limit under the USA Health Stimulus Card?

The US Health Stimulus Card ATM Withdrawal limit is $1000.

From where can one Activate EIP Stimulus Card?

The Activated Health Stimulus Card from

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