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ODSP Payment Dates 2024 – Eligibility Check & Know Amount Schedule



ODSP Payment Dates 2024: The Canadian Government provides financial assistance to low-income individuals. The Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024 is for Ontarians with minimal income. To determine eligibility, check ODSP Payment Eligibility 2024. Apply for Canada ODSP Payment Amount 2024 on ODSP Payment Dates 2024 are at month-end. Stay informed by reading the detailed article below.

ODSP Payment Dates 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency extends support to individuals through various benefit programs, one of which is the Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to those with limited or no income, assisting with essential living expenses such as food, rent, and other associated costs. Eligibility for this benefit is granted to individuals aged 18 and above, contingent upon the presence of a disability.

Under the Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024, beneficiaries can apply for financial aid, with the support amount increased to 6.5%, resulting in a monthly payment of $1308 for those deemed eligible. Interested individuals can initiate the application process by visiting the website

Payment distribution is scheduled for the last day of each month, with direct transfers to the bank accounts of eligible recipients. Notably, in situations where the payment date coincides with a holiday, beneficiaries can expect to receive their funds on the preceding day. It’s worth noting that the December 2023 payment was disbursed on December 20, 2023, considering the Christmas holidays.

Applicants are required to submit the necessary documentation to complete the application process successfully. For comprehensive information on payment dates, eligibility criteria, and additional requirements, please refer to the detailed article provided below. Disability Support Program Payment 2024

Article name ODSP Payment Dates 2024
Country Canada
State Ontario
Payment name Ontario Disability Support Program
Program type Income
Year 2024
Beneficiaries Citizens of Ontario
Eligibility Disabled individuals of age above 18 days
Applicable to Ontario
Payment dates Last date of each month
Upcoming payment 31 January 2024
Payment frequency Monthly
Payment mode Online
Benefits Income support as well as the medical coverage
Payment amount $1308
Post type Finance

Residents of Ontario aged 18 and above who are living with a disability and are unable to work are eligible for the benefit provided. The ODSP Payment Dates for 2024 can be conveniently reviewed using the table provided above.

ODSP Payment Dates 2024 : Eligibility, Amount

Canada ODSP Payment 2024

  • Certain individuals in Ontario facing work challenges due to disabilities will receive support from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Residents of Ontario, aged 18 or older, dealing with any disability, can avail themselves of the Ontario Disability Support Program Payment 2024 on
  • ODSP Payment Dates for 2024 are set for the last day of each month, excluding holidays.
  • Payments covering essential needs like food, rent, and medical expenses will be transferred through direct transfer mode exclusively.
  • The Disability Support Program aims to financially assist individuals with incomes below the specified limit outlined by the Canada ODSP Payment 2024.

ODSP Payment Eligibility 2024

  • Eligibility for ODSP Payment 2024 requires individuals to be aged 18 years or older.
  • Permanent residency in Ontario is a prerequisite for individuals seeking ODSP support.
  • The presence of a disability hindering individuals from engaging in work is a key eligibility criterion.
  • Financial need is a determining factor for individuals to qualify for ODSP Payment.
  • Health care providers must thoroughly verify the restrictions imposed by the disability for eligibility.

ODSP Payment Schedule 2024

Payments to individuals are scheduled for the last day of each month according to the ODSP Payment Schedule 2024. If this date falls on a non-working day or a public holiday, the payment date is adjusted to an earlier day.

Payment month  ODSP Payment Schedule 2024
January 2024 31-01-2024
February 2024 29-02-2024
March 2024 28-03-2024
April 2024 30-04-2024
May 2024 31-05-2024
June 2024 28-06-2024
July 2024 31-07-2024
August 2024 30-08-2024
September 2024 27-09-2024
October 2024 31-10-2024
November 2024 29-11-2024
December 2024 Yet to be announced

Documents for ODSP Payment 2024 Application

  • Social insurance number
  • OHIP Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Immigration paper
  • Tax return
  • Bank details.

Apply Canada ODSP Payment 2024

  • Visit on your device to apply for Canada ODSP Payment 2024.
  • Click on the ODSP Payment 2024 link on your device.
  • Complete all personal details, including name, date of birth, marital status, address, email ID, income, and other required bank information.
  • Your application undergoes initial review, and you can expect contact within 15 days.
  • Attend your appointment verification.
  • Submit information within the disability determination package.
  • ODSP will review your package through the Specialized Ministry.
  • If deemed eligible, the case worker will contact you, specifying the payment date.

Frequently Asked Questions on ODSP Payment Dates 2024

Who is eligible for the ODSP Payment 2024?

The Canada ODSP Payment 2024 will be given to all those individuals suffering from disability which is restraining them from work.

What are the ODSP Payment Dates 2024?

The Ontario Disability Support Payment Dates 2024 is the last date of each month.

How much is the Canada ODSP Payment 2024?

Canada Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024 is $1308.

Who will fall under the ODSP Eligibility 2024?

The individuals who are of age above 18 years will be eligible for the ODSP Payment 2024.

From where can the ODSP Payment Dates 2024 be checked?

The individuals can check the Canada ODSP Payment Dates 2024 through the website

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