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SAID Payment Dates 2024 – Check Amount, Eligibility & How to Claim?



The Saskatchewan Provincial Government runs various programs to provide relief to the citizens in which one of the major programs being run by them is SAID (Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability). Under this program, all the eligible beneficiaries get fixed monthly payment for their daily needs. If you have already registered for this program then you should check SAID Payment Dates 2024 in this post and find your month wise payment schedule. If you have not applied for this program then you should check SAID Eligibility 2024 and then proceed to apply online. We have mentioned the details and points which you must pass to Claim SAID Payment 2024. Once you have registered online, your application will be approved by the authorities and then you will start receiving the Saskatchewan Assured Income For Disability (SAID) Benefits in your Bank Account. 

SAID Payment Dates 2024, Eligibility & How to Claim?

SAID Payment Dates 2024

As we all know, various social welfare programs are being run by the Government of Canada under which one of the most important Income Support programs is SAID. It is to inform you that the SAID Stands for (Saskatchewan Assured Income For Disability) as per which fixed monthly Income Support is given to the applicants. In this program, all the disabled people and their family members can apply and start receiving the Benefits of SAID. Moreover, you should check the SAID Eligibility 2024 in this post and then register online for the program. If your application is approved then you will start receiving the Monthly Payments in your Bank Account or through Cash Checks at your Home Address. You should check the SAID Payment Dates 2024 in this post and then receive your payment as per the table mentioned below. In the coming months, you will start receiving your regular payments which will be helpful for you in daily needs.

Saskatchewan Assured Income For Disability (SAID)

Program Saskatchewan Assured Income For Disability
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Beneficiaries  Disabled People in Saskatchewan 
Launched In 2019
SAID Eligibility 2024 Canadian Residents Having Disability
SAID Payment Amount 2024 $6000 (Singles), $7200 (Couples) & $8500 (Families)
SAID Payment Dates 2024 Check Below
How to Claim SAID Instructions Below
Content Category Finance

SAID Eligibility 2024

  • Check the points below to know about SAID Eligibility 2024.
  • First of all, you must know that the Canadian Residents are eligible for this program.
  • You must be living in Saskatchewan from past years.
  • You should have a temporary or permanent disability which affects your Income.
  • Applicants must be above the Age of 18 Years.
  • If you qualify through above points then you can Apply for this program.

SAID Payment Dates 2024

Payment Month SAID Payment Dates 2024 (Cheques) SAID Payment Dates 2024 (Bank Transfer)
January 2024 22 December 28 December
February 2024 25 January 30 January
March 2024 22 February 27 February
April 2024 27 March 30 March
May 2024 24 April 27 April
June 2024 25 May 30 May
July 2024 26 June 29 June
August 2024 25 July 28 July
September 2024 25 August 30 August
October 2024 25 September 28 September
November 2024 26 October 30 October
December 2024 27 November 29 November

SAID Amount 2024

Category SAID Amount 2024
Singles $6000
Couples $7200
Families $8500

How to Claim SAID Payment 2024

  • You can Claim SAID Payment 2024 with the help of Instructions given below.
  • Visit the official website @ and wait for the homepage.
  • Select the SAID Application Link and proceed for Online Application.
  • Enter your Social Insurance Number or HSC Number and move ahead.
  • Submit the application and then wait for the authorities to approve it.
  • It may take 1-2 Weeks for the application to be approved and then you can start getting benefits as per SAID Payment Dates.
  • There is another way also through which you can apply which is the Social Services Office Near you.
  • Request your application over there and then also you can register for this program.

Benefits of SAID

  • There are several Benefits of SAID Payment 2024 which we have discussed below.
  • First of all, The Living Income is issued to the beneficiaries which they can use to maintain their Household Expenses.
  • Secondly, The Disability Income is another benefit issued to you through which you can maintain your expenses of Disability.
  • The Exceptional need Income is also the part of SAID Benefits under which you will get monthly payment on request for special purposes.
  • As per the SAID Payment Rules, all the Singles can claim $6000, Couples can Claim $7200 and Families can Claim $8500.

Frequently Asked Questions on SAID Payment Dates 2024

When is the SAID Program Launched?

The SAID Program was launched in 2019.

How to Check SAID Payment Dates 2024?

We have discussed SAID Payment Dates 2024 in this post.

What is the SAID Amount 2024 for Singles?

SAID Amount 2024 for Singles is $6000.

How to Claim SAID Payment 2024?

Visit to Claim SAID Payment 2024.

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