Terms And Conditions

If you are availing services from Get My Exams Done, it is considered that you are well aware of the terms and conditions that our company set while making a deal with the client, and you absolutely agree to that set of terms. Our terms and conditions include all the rules and regulations that we follow while dealing with our customers. If you do not agree with our terms, then you don’t need to access our site any further.

Once you have submitted the payments required for any service, it is considered that you have thoroughly visited our site and agreed to all the terms. Let’s have a look at our terms and conditions:


We are never linked with any third party for our service; all the work we provide is from our sources. This is the reason we proudly assure desired grades as we know that we can achieve them.


Our experts and no other source create all the services that we offer and related content that we provide. We reserve rights for all that content. In case using our property anywhere else without permission can result in facing legal action against you. Utilizing any of our work for your profit is considered a violation of our conditions.


Our company offers our client refund opportunity but according to the policy provided on the site. If you find yourself deserving of a refund, then you should be aware that the company will consider your claim only if it’s according to the policy. The money provided to you will also be as per policy.


Once we deliver the work, you are not supposed to pass it to a third party before the approval of our company, as all the efforts are made by our experts; they reserve rights for the copyright. Even the content that we provide to our clients is plagiarism-free. Using it for personal benefit is not allowed by the company, and legal action will be taken in that case.


We offer incredible services at affordable rates. To make us start working on your order, you must pay the mentioned amount for a particular service first. This will saves you from any inconvenience and assure timely delivery. Verification of the payments that are received by customers is a time taking process, so if you have paid on time, we can start working on your order once the payment is verified. If a scam is found in the payment process, we have all the right to take legal action.

Privacy Protection

We strictly keep the data of our clients confidential and do not share it with a third party. We may ask for personal information like email, phone number and account details. If you found any of your personal information to be leaked from our site, you can claim the penalty.